My Three Race Day Style Picks

3 simple pieces to help you achieve the perfect Cheltenham Outfit!

So here we have it, our very first J&T blog post and what better time to do it then with Cheltenham Festival just around the corner! Firstly I should probably say Hi, I’m Jenny, the owner and founder of of J&T plumes. Cheltenham has always been my favorite course to attend… nothing quite beats the Cheltenham buzz right? So what a great place to start our blog.

It can be so hard to pull together that outfit you have pictured in your head so I’m here to help! With my Cheltenham Top Picks.

First off… The Fedora. Yep it’s a simple one but it’s such a fabulous way to give any outfit a little extra wow factor as well as being practical helping to keep that windswept hair at bay or the sunshine out of your eyes. Use it to add a pop of color, tie in a color your already incorporating or just to add the finishing touch to your outfit.

Next up we have the Feather Pin. This one ties in nicely with the Fedora. A way to make your look totally unique. Big, Small, Colorful, Neutral… this is where you can add your stamp, let your personality shine through! Trust me on this one, when you see a pin you love you will just know it’s the one! However feather pins aren’t just for your hats, they make beautiful lapel pins too!

Last but not least the Poncho! The poncho is not only beautiful but so practical too! Here is where I let you into a little secret… Cheltenham can be cold! I quite often pair a poncho with a roll neck jumper and always wear a base layer under mine to keep warm! Again you have so many different tweeds to pick from, but which ever you go for it’s guaranteed to help you achieve the perfect race day outfit.

So there we have it, my 3 favorite race day picks to help you pull together your perfect outfit.

I’ll see you all soon with another blog.


J&T Plumes.

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