Brown Classic Fedora

Brown Classic Fedora

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This Stunning Brown Fedora is the perfect addition to every wardrobe.  

I offer a large selection of hat pins in different colours, styles and sizes, these are all interchangeable so you can have any hat pin on any fedora! I also offer bespoke commissions so if you would like a specific hat pin then feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to help!

This Fedora is made from 100% Wool and is perfect for all seasons! They are water resistant, if they get wet then shake off water then  leave them to dry naturally. To get rid of dust or dirt use a lint clothes roller, or for stains/ marks use a damp cloth. If you are removing mud then leave it to dry before attempting to wipe off!

Size guide:

Extra small- 53cm

Small- 55cm

Medium- 57cm

Large- 59cm

Extra Large- 61cm